Corporate Gift Pricing

All Custom Orders have a 1 week minimum order fulfillment time.

Standard Bag Sizes & Colors: 12oz (rose gold), 8oz (gold), 4oz (blue).

Custom Colors: We can do almost any color to match your business or event theme, custom colors will be billed to you at cost (averaging $15-$45 per order).

Adding your business information: We can add your card or sticker to the FABcorn! bag. There will be a nutrition label and flavor label on the back. This option will come at no cost to you or your company.

Minimum orders: Orders in the original size and color (12oz rose gold) can be bought in any quantity. All other sizes and minimum orders are as follows: 12oz, 24 bags. 8oz, 36 bags. 4oz, 60 bags.

Price: All corporate orders receive a 10% discount. Other discounts will be considered based on quantity and special offers happening throughout the year.             

                                                                                             Base Price                                                                                            

12 Ounces$7.20
8 Ounces$5.40
4 Ounces$3.60

To Order: Send an email to [email protected] with your order request and we will send you a custom quote and expected order fulfillment date. Please include the bag size, color, quantity, and if you want your card or company sticker on the bag.

The FABcorn! Team

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Lubbock, Texas